Policies and care


As each piece is made by hand using 100% recycled gold and silver. Variations will occur between pieces. This could mean variations of texture (especially with sand casting) or slight variations in setting style. Variation of stone colour may occur, stones once set look different to unset, and stones can also look different depending on lighting, photograph and settings on your phone/computer.  I use a lot of irregular shaped pearls, which require unique setting points for each pearl. Please specify any details you feel are essential to your piece.


If there are any major defects with the piece that falls outside of everyday use, such as a ring deformed in the mail I will replace or repair this for free and cover all shipping costs for the return. If you do break your jewellery, you’re welcome to get a jeweller local to you to repair or reach out to me. All my jewellery is made from solid materials, and can be repaired/resized by any jeweller local to you. 


Rings with heat sensitive stones (most stones) are unable to be resized by me once the stones are set, as the heat can damage the stones. Where resizing is physically an option it can be very labour intensive. Resizing costs start at $200. 


I recommend taking off pearls when exposing them to any chemicals to ensure their lustre remains. Please be aware all made to order pieces I will use pearls most accurate to the photos for the product but each pearl is unique and usually each setting is unique.


All pieces will be stamped with the metal purity mark for example ‘375’ ‘925’ ‘18k’ and my personal markers mark to identify the piece being made by Bonus Prize. All items come with a polishing cloth and are solid metal gold or silver. I currently don't create and work with plated metals.

Each piece is presented in it's own unique landscape, gift bag, and bonus prize cleaning cloth.


I offer payment plans and flexible deposits of either a half or quarter payments throughout the project. Payment plans can also be made up for ready to ship items, just ask me.
Deposits secure the project place in my workload and to pay for the time designing, researching materials and consultation in the initial half of the project. Deposits are payment for this labour and such are non refundable in the circumstances of change of mind for a piece once the project labour has commenced. Changes to a design cannot be made after the deposit has been made unless those options have been agreed upon by both the client and myself. 

Custom projects

All items on my website aside from the 'ready made' section are made to order and will take between 2-8 weeks depending on my workload. A custom design is any piece that has either been commissioned from an entirely new idea, or any piece that has a variation from an existing design, such as stone layout, stone selection, texture or finish.

Chain lengths I currently use are 40cm, 45cm, 50cm and 55cm. Chain outside of these are classified as custom and will incur a fee.

The purchase and commission of a custom design is only for that one piece commissioned, Bonus Prize remains the rights of the design including rights to reproduce that design. If you want the piece to be an exclusive non-reproduced custom piece a molding fee can be included in the quote at your request. This will mean all moulds and layout patterns will be destroyed after purchase.

All quotes for work are valid for 30 days, after that a new quote may need to be made as material prices fluctuate.

Custom projects range from changing stones on current designs, altering a current design, and developing a completely new design. Custom projects will be a higher price than designs that are already developed on my website. Pricing for custom projects include consultation hours, sketches, designing and redesigning hours, material research time.

I will usually give a few differently priced options within the price range you've provided but custom work in general starts at $800. 

Please note that consultation hours are billed in the quote. Time spent in consultation for custom projects, such as in person or online/email consultations, design and sketching time will be added to the quote.


Please link your phone number and email address at checkout for live updates on your piece and tracking.

When selecting express shipping or ready made items every effort will be made to have your order out as soon as possible.

Import fees

Customers will be responsible for paying any import charges to their local government body. I recommend researching import fees when considering the total of your order, as import fees are unique to each country.

Client provided stones

There is reasonable risk involved in removing stones from mountings and resetting stones. Any stone damage due to stone flaws or existing stone cracks, chipping, flaws, or inclusions bonus prize is not liable. After 180 days anything not picked up from me will become store property.

Sale items

Sale items are not eligible for returns unless there is a damage to the item that isn’t listed.


A general timeline for made to order and custom work is 2-3 months, customs can stretch further than this if my list of other projects I’m currently working on is large. 

I currently has stopped guaranteeing pieces will be ready if needed fully custom pieces under 8 weeks. If you need something in a short period, let me know though! I only start work once a deposit has been made, and projects pause while I’m waiting for your confirmation on details. So paying a deposit early, settling details of design early will shorten the length of time I’ll need to finish it.

Also please be aware, bonus prize is run by one person, sometimes I get really busy and can’t reply to emails within 2-3 days, but there’s no need to send further emails, I’m either busy making yours or making someone else’s jewellery - I’ll get to you! 

Return Policy 

To be eligible for a return/replacement your item must be damaged or defective due to a production error. Return/refunds are not covered for a change of mind. Outside of a production error, replacements/exchanges for you ordering the wrong size for example can be made within 2 weeks of purchase with the item being unworn.

Production errors do not include the following as a result of wear:

-Oxidization of metals, this damage can be caused by exposing the metal to resin, glue, onsen baths, household chemicals.

- Snapped chains

-Damaged stones

- Damage due to improper use, such as exerting pressure on a ring during sports and bending it or exposing the materials to chemicals.

I recommend taking off jewellery pieces when showering, swimming, doing strenuous activity, gardening and any activity that could damage the stones or metal.

 * Please allow me 3-5 working days to respond to your emails and occasionally longer than this, I am often waiting to hear back from suppliers. There’s no need to write reminder emails for reply within this time frame. I’ll put down the tools any second now and boot my computer, I promise!