Squid earrings

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Solid 925 sterling silver earrings.


These are sold as a pair of 'sister' rather than a matched pair of earrings. Each set will include a tiny bonusprize clover lock, and clip on freshwater pearl that can be unclipped and clipped on somewhere else on the earrings, that will change how to chain sits. 

I've made two options at checkout, exactly the same as photographed here or a set slightly different. choosing slightly different allows me to play around with ideas i have developing.

These come with a 'endless' type of earring hoop.


Sold as a mismatched pair. Option of them being exactly as photographed, or similar to photographed, which will be a unique pair based on this design.


These will take me about 5 weeks for me to make up. Can be made in any other metal.